Conquering Seasonal Depression

Conquering Seasonal Depression

It seems like every year, right around this time, I find myself overcome with a drowning sense of seasonal depression. You can ask my boyfriend, because he’ll be the first one to point out “you’re acting weird again.” It’s like this looming concoction of sadness, anxiety, and a little bit of anger; and it happens very single year.  I’ve come to attribute this sensation to the painfully slow transition from Winter to Spring in New England. After months of being bundled up, it feels like my soul is crying out for an opportunity to run outside in a t-shirt. And yet, here we remain, 3 weeks into Spring and still freezing our butts off!

Living in New England, I’ve come to accept that the Winter season tends to drag on far longer than we typically estimate. March, as a month, seems to take pleasure in spoiling our long-awaited Spring by reminding us that this isn’t Southern California. Even though I have become accustomed to New England’s relentless Winter weather, I still find myself trying to push past a seasonal depression every year while I patiently wait for warmth. It is now finally April, and, I swear, if I must wear my peacoat one more time, I think I will lose my mind! I know life isn’t quite like a Disney movie, but is it too much to ask for a few birds chirping and flowers blooming to greet me as I get in my care to head to work?

This year, however, I’ve decided to tackle this seasonal depression head on. Here are some my tactics that I hope you can utilize as well!

  1. Go outside whenever possible

We were blessed this weekend with a glimpse of the warm weather to come. Unfortunately, it did not last long. As someone who has grown up a gamer, I tend to isolate myself in my computer chair ignoring the gift that is bright sun on a perfect day. Well, not this weekend. I pushed myself to go outside for a walk at every opportunity. I walked to get breakfast. I walked to get lunch. I walked to get dinner. I walked just to walk. I even stumbled upon a park that overlooked the entire city of Providence and soaked up every minute of its blissful quiet air. If Leslie Knope worked for the city of Providence’s Parks and Recreation department instead of Pawnee, this would have been her spot.

  • Try something new

Its easy to feel stuck in the rut of monotony when doing the same thing every weekend. When the weather still won’t turn, and you’ve become a regular at the same 2 restaurants, its time to mix it up. Find a new restaurant, sit at the bar, order their signature appetizer, and split two entrees you’ve never tried before. This is one of our favorite nights out because its always exciting to see what a local place has to offer. Special shutouts to the hole-in-the-wall restaurants that always seem to supply the best food.

In addition to trying new food, there are so many other unique opportunities just waiting to be explored in your area. Ask your friends or search online for new establishments that have opened recently and you’ll be surprised how easily it is to turn an average weekend into something exciting. For example, we recently stumbled a Go-Kart/Axe-Tossing bar (yes – it was awesome), which proved to be a truly superb and unique Sunday afternoon. Whether its wine-tastings, escape rooms, or a cooking class, go out and be adventurous!

  • Focus on your career

Firstly, the single greatest investment you can make, is in yourself. This is a rule that I am constantly reinforcing. Secondly, nothing is more of a distraction for studying than beautiful weather. And since it is clearly not available to distract you, why not use this time of seasonal inbetweenness (no officially a word) to focus on your career. There is a plethora of online material waiting to be mastered. I am currently studying part-time for a certification in my field and I find it to be a huge help in deterring me from feeling down on a dreary Sunday. In fact, it promotes a positive sense of the satisfaction in knowing that I’m accomplishing my goals.

  • Plan a vacation

I have a feeling that you may be thinking the obvious solution is to have already planned a vacation for this time of year. And you’re probably right! But if you’re like me, and did not manage to have so much foresight, begin planning one for later in the year. Distract your mind from the torment by obsessing over every detail on your upcoming trip. We recently planned a vacation to Disney (clearly we’re obsessed), and I’ve now watched so many Disney vlogs I’m about ready to become a tour guide myself. Even just the knowledge that a destination vacation is on the horizon will brighten your mood.

  • Improve your diet and exercise regiment

My last bit of advice is to really focus on your diet and exercise. It sounds simple enough, and that’s because it is. Put in that extra effort to take that class you’ve been considering for months. Instead of ordering that sandwich you love for lunch, try ordering a salad instead. I exercise regularly and eat relatively healthy, so its not a huge lifestyle change for me. But knowing that summer is right around the corner, I’ve amped up my current diet/exercise schedule to prepare for bathing suit season. Although we’re not quiet there yet, I find the anticipation is enough to help push me! Quoting an icon, Elle Woods, “Exercise give your endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands. They just don’t!”.

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  1. It seems you have a great grasp of what you need to do. Now if I can just take some of your advice I might get in a better state of mind and body. But then again I am 68 years old, 🙂 By the way, I am the lady that made that quilt for Billy right after The Voice. At least the weather will be warmer so that you can pack that away. Keep up the good work and I will definitely try to use some of you plans.

  2. Sunday was a great respite in our neck of the woods. I managed to make it to one of my grandkids soccer games (missed my grandsons….will try again next week Jake!) 9 yr old Alyssa is in her 3rd season of “recreational” soccer and has also joined a “travel team ” this year. It is sheer joy to watch these girls acquire the skills needed while trying to absorb the rules. The way they encourage each other is refreshing to watch and reminds me what it is like to be part of a team. I definitely recommend supporting youth sports even if you dont have kids. Watching a child develop a skill and learn to truly work with others is uplifting and nothing beats the look on Alyssa’s face when she stops a goal!

  3. OMG I would hope they dont shoot thier husbands LMAO. I so enjoyed this and you have given me some inspiration to try some new stuff will let you know what I find in the Great. Very Wet Northwest lol hugs God bless keep it up keep writing.❤

  4. Chris, your writing is proof that you are more than just a pretty face. This is the first time that I had a chance to see your blog. You are a brilliant young man. And I’m sure you’re a very talented engineer ( Who doesn’t love trains) but you were meant to write! You truly have a way with words. Which I obviously did not. I look forward to reading your blog on a regular basis. Living here in Fort Lauderdale, it’s beautiful, we have no reason to complain. But I found it the winter depression can affect us as well just in a different way. It tends to rain here a lot, granted it’s a tropical rain, it’s beautiful, but still can be depressing when you’re longing for the beach. Again, I know I shouldn’t complain. Blessings to you and Billy, you guys are an amazing team. Respectfully, Jeremy Fort Lauderdale Florida.

  5. Hey Chris, thank you for your thoughts on this topic. You clearly have thought this through. Here in Texas it’s like 89 degrees & we’re already complaining about the heat! Your thoughts apply to anyone where ever the weather keeps them indoors. I’m sure you have already lined up your warm weather fashion attire for the for seeable future. Soon you’ll be out by the pool sipping cocktails and working on a killer tan. Remember, no tan lines make for the best tan-lol. Take care of your self and make sure Billy takes his pneumonia medication as prescribed!!!

  6. Hi Chris!

    I LOVED this post! I feel I could’ve written it because I have felt (feel) the same way you do. There is nothing worse than a continuous rainy/cold spring, except not having a trip planned to escape it! 😉

    I’m actually a travel writer/blogger/travel agent so I was super excited when I read your plans for a trip to Disney (don’t forget Universal Orlando too – it’s beyond amazing!) I bet you’re super excited for the new Star Wars land!! 😀 My girlfriend and I were at Disney Gay Days last June and it was incredible.

    Anyway – here’s to a speedy summer arriving here in Rhode Island!! I can’t wait to soak up the sun, day trips to Block Island, al fresco dining up “The Hill”, Misquamicut beach days, tropical drinks at Paddy’s, long bike rides and pool parties!

    Hang in there! 😘

    Desiree Sousa
    Gay Travel Information

    1. I am a total Disney fanatic, but don’t get me wrong, I love Universal too! Harry Potter Land is a dream. I’ll admit I’m a bit nervous to go during the opening of Star Wars. I suspect the parks will be at an all-time high volume. Hopefully it isn’t ‘too’ insane that is ruins the Disney magic. Either way, it’ll be an experience to remember!

      1. I have no doubt you will both have an amazing time and will make the best memories. Enjoy and can’t wait to see pics of the great fun. Your my favorite person to follow. I love the blog and hope you write more soon. Enlightenment is My Magic

  7. I love your ways with words. I hope you will post here a bit more often. I love Disney just like you guys. Never gets old. Have a great week and just wanted to say Hello and I look forward to your next entry!

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